Tony has been amazing. I reached out to him for help regarding a situation where a contractor I was planning on working with took the down payment and disappeared. Tony help me track him down, file suit against him and reach a winning decision in court. He also greatly aided the State of California’s Attorney General’s office in getting the contractor’s license removed to help protect the public from falling victim to further illegal activity. Without Tony I wouldn’t have known where to start or what to do. Throughout the entire process Tony practiced incredible transparency and instilled great confidence. I felt protected and empowered by his professionalism, expertise and calm, strong style. I am deeply grateful to Tony for making sure justice was served. Thank you Tony from the bottom of my heart.
—Dr. Mark A. Kaupp

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My executive team has relied on Tony to help us set and follow legal strategies, respond to issues that have arisen in the course of conducting our business, and generally defend our firm’s interests as necessary. He is responsive, intelligent, and thoughtful. I cannot attest to Tony’s performance in the courtroom because, thanks in large part to our shared commitment to integrity and his guidance and assistance, we’ve never had to participate in a trial. I highly recommend Tony as a corporate attorney.
—Michael Schwerin

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I met Tony Mahavier almost twenty years ago after he had prevailed in a trial against certain parties who thereafter sought my advice and counsel; I was impressed with his work. Since that time we have worked together on multiple occasions and he has demonstrated an ability to identify where the opposition has weaknesses and presents forceful arguments based upon great presentation. The culmination came when I engaged Tony to represent me. He was so well prepared and forceful at trial that the defendants collapsed and I came away with a wonderful result.
—Jack F. Fitzmaurice

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Tony Mahavier has been a close professional colleague of mine for over 20 years. He practices law with the utmost skill, competence and integrity. He is a valued member of the San Diego legal community.
—Jeff Haile

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I’ve known Tony Mahavier for nearly 20 years and have worked with him on both business and personal legal issues consistently over that period. He’s always been a solid source of logical and scrupulously legal counsel and has made himself available at all times of the day and night when the situation required critical attention. Tony is well versed in many aspects of the law and has always been concerned that the “right thing” be done. His deep expertise, steady personality, sense of humor, and true concern for his clients has always made our dealings extremely comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking the best in legal advice and representation.
—Ron M. Benincasa

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Our work with Tony began when we were living many miles away and unable to be onsite personally for key discussions on our case. Tony’s advice and coaching was impeccable, and his focus was always on getting to the solution in the most realistic, expedient way. His fees were most reasonable and the value he added was critical to our successful conclusion. We recommend him most highly, we would never work with anyone else.
—Heidi and Rick Vancisin

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Tony Mahavier has been my lawyer for over nine years. He represented me in a protracted civil trial that encompassed State, Federal, and Federal Appeals Courts. From our first meeting he inspired my confidence. His knowledge of the law is impeccable. He is thorough, hardworking, and tenacious. Just as important, he makes the effort to work with all parties to reach a just conclusion. During the many depositions and days in court I felt protected. I knew that he was there covering my backside. As a trusted advisor, his council and guidance have been invaluable. I am thankful to have met Tony Mahavier and am honored to recommend him.
—Phil G. Scott, Sr.

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We sought Tony’s help after unwittingly purchasing a house with significant undisclosed defects. Tony did an excellent job by quickly obtaining a settlement without having to resort to mediation or any other long drawn out process. He was extremely responsive and professional with his communications, and stayed focused on keeping costs contained. He explained our options at each step, and did a great job pushing the other side for a resolution. We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.
—Ginni Milke